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Custom Log Home Kits – Create The Log Home Of Your Dreams

Have you been searching for log home kits in Polk County Florida? Quality log homes can be hard to come by, why not create one for yourself? 


Creating your very own log home can be affordable and gratifying for those who live the "DIY" lifestyle. Today we will go over a few tips you should consider when building your own log home.


When learning how to build an old-fashioned log cabin, the first step is to make a floor plan. It usually takes 280 days to build a log home from scratch. 


Always make sure you plan thoroughly, this is the most important part of the process. One wrong measurement or missing material can set you back weeks and sometimes months. 


While creating your construction plans, make sure to address the following concerns. The first thing you must establish are your goals. Setting goals for your project will act as a compass during construction.


If you need professional assistance building your log home, click here to get in contact with experts who have built over 200+ log homes.


log cabin kits in Orlando Florida

Turnkey Log Home Kits

The floor plan will consist of creative and logical designs of your new log home. If you are looking for simple models to replicate, here are a few samples you can use.


These designs can make or break your log home, if you would like to get in contact with professionals click here.


The next topic of concern while building log homes in Polk County Florida, is the land selection. You must make sure you are compliance of the law and your land meets building code standards.


You must make sure that your utilities are able to be connected to your home. Another thing you must take into account is the soil of the land you're building on. Using unsuitable materials on certain soils can lead to disaster.


The last tip we are going to cover is the budgeting for your log cabin.

how to build a log cabin from trees

How to Build an Old Fashioned Log Cabin

The last pro tip to keep in mind is your home's budget. Keeping the cost down while building your dream log home can be difficult. If you would like guidance from experts with over 200 homes built within the year, click here.


During the planning phase, going over the costs of your tools and materials should be included within your plan. The site preservation costs will depend on the soil of your land. 


If you're building your log cabin on a budget, consider using your own lumber, upcycling, and using bribe labour to keep your costs down. Expect to pay $25 dollars per square foot for your cabin.


The size of your cabin will determine the overall costs of your log home. Simple rectangle and square homes with the same square footage tend to be cheaper than new or alternative L design home.


We hope these quick tips help you creating the log home of your dreams!


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