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Log Cabin Kits & Installations For New Log Home Owners

Log cabin kits and installation prices can vary from project to project. Selecting the perfect cabin kit for your next log home can be challenging for new log home builders. 


There are many reasons for using a log kit, one good reason for using a cabin kit is to bypass the expenses that come with hiring an engineer and an architect. 


Cabin kits come with pre-cut and pre-measured materials that speed the building process up. Skilled cabin builders can purchase kits that contain only the materials needed to build the cabin.


Complete cabin kits come with all the building materials including interior appliances, foundation, flooring, and roofing.


The price of a cabin kit can range from $50,000 to over $150,000 depending on the type of kit you choose and where you decide to build your log home.


The majority of your expenses will go towards the construction of your cabin. The fees included will be labor, clearing the lot for your home, sewage and zoning.


Each cabin kit comes with their own style and floor plans. The design of the home usually matches the environment the home is being made in. Picking out the right cabin kit can be tricky for new cabin builders.


If you would like assistance with selecting a cabin kit, click here to contact a team of experienced log home builders now.

Log Cabin Kits and Installation

Who makes the best log cabin kits?

Your log cabin kits come with floor plans that will assist you with creating your log home. The design is pre determined the majority of the time, however creating a custom cabin kit is an available option. 


The construction time for a standard log home can range from four to six months, depending on how skilled you or your log home building team is.


Factors you should always include within your project are: weather, seasons, and availability of your cabin builders. 


Clearing and excavating the site involves a couple of key procedures which include: cutting the entrance driveway, installing culverts, removing trees, installing septic tank and excavating the basement.


The building portion of your log home consists of the following key points: pouring the footing, installing the foundation, installing the subfloor, backfilling and rough grading, preparing your log kit, unloading the building materials, and constructing the cabin kit.


The first log course consists of taking the floorplan to the subfloor. This is where the layout of the house is reviewed and all of the measuring takes place. 


The next steps of building your log home is the installation of your electric and plumbing systems, stacking your walls and installing your doors and windows.


The last steps of constructing your log cabin include: installing your roof system, installing porches and dormers, installing interior partitions, installing fireplaces and chimneys, installing plumbing and air-conditioning and installing floor coverings.


Black Bear Log Homes offers a variety of log home kits. The pictures below are samples of our cabin kits. Before picking a log kit, we recommend speaking with our team to go over more details about your project.

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